What are the FINA points?

According to the FINA website, swimming points is a value that:

Allows comparisons of results among different events. The FINA Point Scoring assigns point values to swimming performances, more points for world class performances typically 1000 or more and fewer points for slower performances.

For Masters swimming this gives another useful feature - it becomes possible to compare swim results among different age categories.

How it works?

The points are calculated using formula:

This is a direct calculation. Where Points - the resulting points, Base - base time in seconds, Time - swim time in seconds. Resulting Points value is then truncated to integer. Up to 2009, including, the Points value was rounded.

For the reverse calculation, if Time has to be calculated using known number of Points, the above formula is used to calculate a first approximation. Thus:

Then you have to subtract 0.01s from the obtained value of Time until direct calculation of points by the obtained time is still equal to the initial number of points for which the time is calculated.

Let's calculate the time required to score 375 points, with a base time of 00:47.43.

The first approximation by the above formula gives - 01:05.77, next - subtract 0.01c. from it and check a number of points for the new time:

  • 01:05.76 = 375 points, continue subtracting,
  • 01:05.75 = 375 points
  • 01:05.74 = 375 points
  • 01:05.73 = 375 points
  • 01:05.72 = 375 points
  • 01:05.71 = 376 points, the number of points for this time is not equal to the initial time, so we stop here.

So, 01:05.72 - is a time value that corresponds to 375 points with a base time of 00:47.43.

Base time

Base times are determined for each of the standard swimming programs, separately for individual and relay swimming, separately for women and men, and separately for 25 and 50 meters pools. And for Masters - separately in each age category.

For Masters Swimming, the FINA Masters World Records, as of a certain date, are usually taken as a base time.

Since both individual and relay records vary slightly in different age categories, the time needed to score the same number of points will also differ.

What's next?

Given the above information, two simple calculators have been developed to calculate the FINA Masters points in the individual and relay disciplines.

In addition, an attempt was made to present the current world records in a convenient form, as well as a way to compare them visually in different variations.

I hope someone will find this project useful. Also, if you find any inaccuracies, as well as if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me via the feedback form. I will be grateful for any information, comments, and criticism. This will help me improve the project to the best of my ability and free time.